K&G Arcade is more than a game... it's 26 games, all in one!

K&G Arcade is both an adventure game as well as what is commonly called a "party game", although this party is no picnic! Featuring the antics of everyone's favorite Human-tormenting aliens, Krelmac & Gentoo, K&G Arcade will thrill story-based game lovers and quick-fix finger-twitchers alike! Check out the links for all the details.

K&G Arcade is a game like no other on the PocketPC. With elements of adventure gaming, arcade action and dark humor, K&G Arcade is a game you surely don't want to miss!

Latest News

  • 4/30/2004 - K&G Arcade v1.1 is released! Most of the changes are minor, but there is one significant addition that everyone has been asking for: HIGH SCORE SAVES FOR THE MINI-GAMES! Yes, now when you play the mini-games in Melee mode, your highest score will be recorded and shown to you each time you play. Enjoy it folks!

  • 4/6/2004 - IT'S ALIVE!! That's it folks, that's a wrap... K&G Arcade is now unleashed upon the world! Quick, go to it!

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