The Story

In K&G Arcade you play the part of Henry Miller. mild-mannered farmer from jolly-old 17th-century England. One night you hear strange sounds in your fields, and when you go to investigate you find you are not alone...

Suddenly, a strange light appears in the sky above you. It grows ever larger as it nears. It is a strange flying object that you cannot identify. It is round on top with a spinning disc beneath and yellow orbs dancing around it's outer surface. What could it be

Why, it's Krelmac & Gentoo of course!

Turns out those two goofball tormentors have decided to go back in time to annoy the human race at a time when we were even more primitive than they say we are in Krelmac & Gentoo's own time. More to the point they, they decide to run YOU through the ringer!

So, they beam you aboard their ship, give you a few anal probes for good measure, and send you out to escape from their ship. You will have to make your way through all five levels of the ship in order to escape their semi-evil clutches.

Being sick, sadistic alien torturers, it's not quite as easy as it sounds...

Each level of the ship is a complex maze, and within these mazes are gaming consoles, five per level. You must find and play each of the games. More importantly, you must achieve a given minimum score on each game. Once you have beaten all five games, you will be able to access the teleporter pad and move on to the next level.

These are, however, not exactly normal robots. Not that you would know that being from 17th-century England, but anyway...

These robots were a failed science fair project by Gentoo, and they cannot move around the ship normally. They instead utilize a rather unique mode of transportation called a Quantum Sub-Temporal Inter-Spatial Displacement Modulation Field Generator, or QSTISDMFG for short. Put in terms a lame human could understand, it means they teleport in discrete units from place to place. This makes them less than perfect killing machines, a failing Gentoo greatly regrets, but it DOES make them highly unpredictable since their movements are essentially random, and they are generally a nuisance. Their touch is deadly though, so they aren't to be taken too lightly. You can take a few hits from them, but after too many, bye-bye!

Some of the mini-games are virtually impossible to win at, which might at first seem like a problem, but there is always a way...

Krelmac has been a bit careless in the past when tormenting other creatures. He has left some of them on the levels of the ship with you, one on each level, by some bizarre coincidence of wacky cosmic numerology. Seek them out! You will have to talk to them, and gain their trust by saying the right things at the right time. Everything you say effects their trust level, either making them more trusting or less trusting (or having no effect), and you can see this by the expression on their faces. If they start to distrust you, they will run away and you'll have to try again later. If you get them to trust you though, you can ask them for a special hint that will help you beat the "impossible" games.

Lastly, as you progress through the mini-games in Adventure mode, the games that you achieve the minimum score in will be unlocked to play in Mini-Game Melee mode. This allows you to play any game you have unlocked in timed mode or until you say stop.

That's about it folks. Enjoy your anal probe!

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