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Author Topic: Ipaq owner
Roger Kadau  Posted 7/27/2001 9:28:13 PM

I have been waiting for this to come out ever since I saw it mentioned about two weeks ago. I figured it would be like all the other programs I\'ve waited for and maybe come out a year later. I was pleasantly surprised when I checked in today and it was ready. I think it\'s one of the best programs I have on my Ipaq, although being an electronics hobbiest, I\'m prejudiced. It has a lot of the things I\'ve been looking for in an electronics program, although I can think of hundred\'s more, I would like to see included, if you give me a second. On my Ipaq the program loads quickly and the changes between tools and reference lookups are immediate. I\'m going online right now to purchase this program. Thanks for providing it.

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 7/28/2001 2:43:57 PM

Thanks very much for the kind words! Please, feel free to post anything you\'d like to see in future versions. In fact, I think I\'ll start a new thread specifically for that. I figure I will take another week off, since this took quite a few long hours to finally complete, but once my rest has ended I\'ll start thinking about what will go in future versions. I have some ideas of my own right now, some of which will make it into a 1.5 version, others will wait for 2.0.

Thanks again and take care!


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