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Electro Version 1.2
Electro is the premiere electronics reference and tool collection for the PocketPC platform. With numerous calculators, reference tables and other tools for the electronics technician as well as the electrical engineer, Electro is one PocketPC program you cannot do without!

K&G Arcade Version 1.1
K&G Arcade is unlike any other PocketPC game out there... Imagine being beamed aboard an alien spacecraft by two wise-cracking aliens from the future. Further imagine being forced to try and escape their ship by exploring five maze-like levels and playing 25 mini-games throughout, all the while avoiding deadly robots and conversing with strange fellow captives. Sound like a good time? You bet it is! That's K&G Arcade in a nutshell!

Invasion: Trivia Version 1.0
Trivia, with a very sick twist! Earth is threatened by two wise-cracking aliens and you are choosen to defend your world in a contest of knoweldge! Krelmac and Gentoo invite you to fight for the survival of your world in a game of knowledge and wits. DIMWITS that is!

Eliminator Version 1.5
Eliminator is a fun little game that will keep you challenged for a while! Remember sitting in Friendly's waiting for your food, and that little puzzle game is sitting there? You know, the one where you have to jump the pegs to clear all but one peg at the end? Well, that in a nutshell describes Eliminator. As with most things in life, that's not all there is to it though...

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