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Author Topic: v1.0b Now Available...
Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 8/3/2001 3:00:51 PM

It\'s a pretty minor thing, but it\'s been bugging me for quite a while!

When you move between screens, it was sometimes the case that the titles left pieces of themselves and made the screen look bad.

Well, the problem has FINALLY been resolved! That makes me very happy because that was the only known issue that was present when v1.0 was released (I didn\'t see it as being a big enough problem to stop the release). It feels good to finally get it resolved though.

I should also note that I am addressing the issue of different units in the calculators (i.e., how to deal with mH in the inductance calculator). I haven\'t decided how best to handle that yet, but I am looking into it.

Thanks everyone!


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