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Author Topic: Electro No-install
Shane Newman  Posted 8/30/2001 9:46:53 PM

I have been trying to install a demo version of Electro onto my Casio E-125. I click the setup icon under the demo version download file and everything seems to go fine until active sync 3.1 add/remove programs section. It displays a list of programs currently installed on my PDA but goes no further. Is this a problem or am I just doing something that I don\'t know about?

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 9/1/2001 2:07:04 AM

I haven\'t been able to replicate this problem and I can\'t think of a good reason it wouldn\'t work. This is also the first such report I\'ve gotten like this.

However, I do have a fairly simple work-around that I just tested...

After you download the trial file and un-zip it, you will see a bunch of files named, where xxx is either ARM, MIPS or SH3 (there are other files as well, but the .CAB files are what you are interested in).

You can just copy the appropriate CAB file for your device (MIPS for Casios, ARM for the iPaq and SH3 for Jornadas) to your device and then execute it (from file manager or similar utilities). This will install it as usual.

I will continue to look into this and see what I can come up with, but that\'s about the best idea I can come up with at the moment. Let me know how it goes...

ARGbadboy  Posted 1/5/2002 9:48:00 PM

I can\'t get to make it work\' i don\'t have a program that recognises it

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 1/5/2002 10:00:21 PM

Sorry Shane, I can\'t think of a reason for that to occur. However, for the sake of getting the demo installed you can follow the directions I posted in reply to another user in this thread. It\'s the long way around, but it should work for you as well.

In a sense it\'s unfortunate that I\'ve only had two reported installation problems, it makes it tougher to figure out. I myself have an E-125 and of course have installed Electro a number of times, never had any problem.

I will most certainly post the answer here if I ever make any progress. Sorry!

 Posted 6/7/2002 8:44:22 AM

I neglected to state that activesync does not recognize it as a pocket pc program.The window says if your program doesn\'t appear in the install list it is not for your device. Also the 547/548 Jornada is sh3 processor but the 567/568 Jornada is arm processor if that makes a differance to you as a programmer.

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 6/7/2002 8:55:14 AM

I\'m still unable to replicate this issue (a friend of mine actually had the same model, he was able to install with no problem).

As you pointed out, your device uses the ARM processor, I had the model numbers wrong originally. If you try the work-around again but use the ARM version of the CAB file, I would expect that to work. Why ActiveSync has any problem with it I don\'t understand though.

Marc Chelin
 Posted 6/10/2002 9:30:10 PM

I have the exact same problem and I purchased the product, it is not a trial version. The window that comes up with a list of all programs to either remove or install does not contain ELECTRO. It also says that if the program is not listed, it is not designed to run on your system. I have the IPAQ 3800 series with windows CE 3.0

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 6/10/2002 10:23:44 PM

Marc (and anyone else reading this)... I\'m sorry your having difficulty, but you should be able to get away with using the work-around.

To do that, unzip the file you downloaded from Handango. You will find a file called Electro.ARM.CAB. Copy that file to your device and then, using File Explorer on the device, double-click to execute it. That should install the program and at least get you running.

Please let me know if this does not work, I can go a step further in helping you if need be (this goes for anyone else still having trouble).

I very sincerely apologize to the few people having install difficulties. I am still very actively persuing this issue, but I still don\'t feel like I\'m much closer to an answer. Fortunately it\'s only a handful of people having trouble, but I won\'t feel good about it until no one is having trouble.


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