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Author Topic: Eliminator v1.5 released!
Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 12/6/2001 12:27:37 AM

Eliminator v1.5 has just been release!

It now uses an actual installer, so no more convoluted installation procedure!

It also includes five new board layouts for a total of fifteen.

In addition, it has five new win sounds and five new lose sounds to keep you laughing.

And best of all... a $3.45 price reduction! $6.50 is pretty reasonable, don\'t you think??

I plan on doing one more release, 2.0, that will have more board layouts, different marble types (both shapes and colors), more sounds of course and, FINALLY, a Hall Of Fame (sorry, I\'ve been slacking in finishing that code). I don\'t have a timeframe for this, but I expect that to be the last Eliminator release. Any current owners will get that version for free, even though I\'ve always said you are only entitled to 1.x versions.

Take care all!


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