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Author Topic: many problems to be resolved
steve  Posted 7/30/2003 6:56:30 PM

• The Copper Wire Characteristics chart (which is really a Copper Wire Gauge Chart) has incorrect AWG listings for gages 11 thru 17.

• The schematic symbol for Battery is wrong and shows a potentiomenter instead of a multi cell symbol (see cell symbol). The next symbol for the "Capacitor Feedthru" is wrond and is the battery symbol.

• Please follow this ---- The "Antenna,General" is correct, but there is the same symbol for the "Antenna,Unbalanced (alternate)" This is incorrect and should be removed.

• The "Antenna, Loop, Unshielded" should be the "Antenna, Loop, Shielded" AND the "Antenna, Unbalanced" is the "Antenna, Loop, Unshielded".

• The "Attenuator, Fixed" is wrong and should be checked against the correct ANSI Y32.2 symbol.

• After looking at all the schematic symbol mistakes above, i realized that there is a shift in the titles verses the symbols starting with the Antenna, Balanced. This should be the Antenna, General and that may help the shift of title; at least up to the "Capacitor, General" after the "Capacitor, Ganged". I think that you should review all these symbols again to confirm the correctness!!!

• All of pictures for the Infoport and the SCSI Connectors do not show the location for pin 1.

• There is no Logic chip for the 7414 Hex Schmidt trigger series of inverters. These are very commonly used and should be shown.

• The equation for the "Voltage Follower" Op Amp is wrong and should be Vo=Vi.

• The equation for the Adding, Subtracting, and Scaling Amplifier is incomplete and wrong. There should not be a \'k\' representation for each resistor, just the resistor designator; e.g. R1, R2, R3, R4. Next, the feedback resistor should be labeled R5 and the non-inverting resistor should be labeled R6. Then the correct equation would be Vo=[[((V3*R3)+(V4*R4))/R6]-[((V1*R1)+(V2*R2))/R5]]*Vi

• All of the calculators complain of a problem if the Transcriber is set to "add space after". The software should ignore any spaces after the entry, otherwise it is a Really Big Pain to have to correct each time.

• In the 555 Monostable Calculator, the first varible is Ra, but in the Astable Calculator it is R1, then the second variable is R2, yet the schematic shows Ra and Rb. There is a discontinuity between variables here and the R1 should be labeled Ra and the R2 should be labeled Rb for consistancy.

• The Morse code works good. I did notice that peroid "." is usually as morse code .-.-.- But having it as a single dot is ok too if someone wants to try dashes and dots.

• The Resistor Color Code only shows for 4 bands and is not very good. There should be for at least 5 bands to cover for the 3 significant colors, 1 multiplier, and 1 tolerance band used for 1% resistors.

• The Reactance and Resonance Calculators uses Farads, Henry\'s and Hertz which are all too high for calculating in electronic circuits. It would be better if microFarads (uF), microHenry\'s (uL), and KiloHertz (kHz) were used as entry values. This could be easily corrected in the program calculations and by changing the text on the screen. Remember that uF = 1x10E-6 and the uL = 1x10E-6 and the kHz = 1x10E3.

• Ditto as above for the Enengy Stored Calculator. Please use uF, uH, and kHz.

Please correct these as i would be interested in buying the updated version. If you would like, i could Beta test it for you.

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 6/30/2004 9:43:54 AM

A great deal of this I'm not so sure about because it would mean that my reference material is incorrect. I think the copper wire characterists could be just a typo on my part that I didn't catch, and the schematic symbols should be relatively easy to fix, but I'll have to research much of the rest and see what the consensus on some of it is.


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