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Author Topic: features i would like to see added
steve  Posted 7/30/2003 7:49:10 PM

I am comparing your software to emTronix and they are both very similiar (i wonder who started first? :-) Anyways, i saw that emTronix has these features that i think would be great for the next revision update:

• Adding more logic to the series like the flip flops, multiplexers, registers, counters, ...etc.

• Showing the input output effect by stimilus for each logic gate in the logic series.

• Adding a True Copper Element Characteristics Chart.

• Adding a Wavelength Column to the Radio Frequency Spectrum, a Region (radio, microwave, x-rays, gamma, ultraviolet, visible, ...etc) column, and a Energy (eV) Column.

• Adding a Frequency to Wavelength Converter.

• Adding a Fundamental Constants Chart.

Overall your software product is very good, but i would like to see it mildly improved. I think that if you made these and the other corrections, that you would have the best electronics reference tools out there. Good Luck! :-b

Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 6/30/2004 9:41:52 AM

I am just now getting to work on the next version, and all the things mentioned by you and others here are on my list. I can't say they will all make it, but at least some will, hopefully more make it than don't. I don't have an ETA for the next version, but it will be a substantial upgrade (a whole new code base in fact), so it could be a while frankly.


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