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Author Topic: K&G ARCADE, a PocketPC game like no other, now available!
Frank W. Zammetti
 Posted 4/7/2004 12:06:35 AM

K&G ARCADE, a PocketPC game like no other, now available!

Omnytex Technologies K&G ARCADE... More fun than an anal probe!

It\'s like having 26 games all in one! Great for adventure game fans as well as finger-twitching arcade game lovers!

OMNYTEX TECHNOLOGIES. -- April 6, 2004 -- Omnytex Technologies today announced the availability of K&G ARCADE, a game like no other on the PocketPC platform.

In K&G ARCADE, you play the part of Henry Miller, mild-mannered farmer from 17th-century jolly-old England. One day while tending your fields, you find yourself beamed aboard an alien spacecraft. There, you meet your alien antagonists: Krelmac & Gentoo. These two wisecracking aliens have gone back in time to torment the human race at a time when we were less developed. They toss you into their maze-like ship, where you must escape by playing a series of 25 mini-games spread over 5 levels of their ship, all the while avoiding deadly robots bent on your destruction. Along the way you will have to talk to 5 different former captives of Krelmac & Gentoo, who will give you needed hints to get past certain games.

K&G ARCADE features:

* 25 mini-games, an unprecedented number for any PocketPC game!
* 5 maze-like levels to explore
* 3 cinematic cut scenes featuring the antics of Krelmac & Gentoo
* Fantastic cartoon-style graphics
* 7 different musical scores throughout the game
* Whimsical sound effects to delight your auditory sense
* Two different game modes: Adventure Mode and Mini-Game Melee. The later allows you to play any of the mini-games you have unlocked (by beating them in Adventure Mode) any time you want, either in the normal timed mode or "Play Until I say Stop" mode
* Low memory footprint (3MB storage space, 8MB free TOTAL memory to run)
* Compatible with all ARM-based PocketPC devices

K&G ARCADE offers a wide variety of games to play, and most are not of the simple variety, but are nice little games in their own right. Some are new takes on old favorites, while others are completely new concepts. Get ready, many of them are deceptively challenging!

If you like comedy-based stories, adventure games and arcade action, and you want them all rolled into one, you need look no further than K&G ARCADE!

K&G ARCADE is now available for a special introductory price of $9.99. You can save $3 off the regular retail price of $12.99 until the end of April! Purchase through Handango or PocketGear:

Please visit the K&G ARCADE web site at for more details, including tons of screenshots.

Founded in 2000, Omnytex Technologies strives to create software that gives PocketPC users unprecedented levels of power and enjoyment. Please visit the Omnytex Technologies web site at "Omnytex Technologies - Where dreams and software unite"


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