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Electronic engineering tools and reference utility for PocketPC

Electro is the premiere electronics and electrical reference utility available for the PocketPC. With an assortment of calculators, reference tables and other invaluable tools and information, Electro is one program you can't be without if you work with electricity in any form!

Here is a complete list of the features you will find in the program:

  • 555 Timer Design
    Shows you the two basic 555 timer circuit configurations, astable and monostable. For each you can enter component values and see the resulting time and frequency output. Good for quick designs!
  • DC Ohm's Law Calculator
    Enter any two known values and the other two are calculated for you. Includes I, E, R and P.
  • Delta <-> Wye Transformations
    Useful for calculating values when doing a Delta to Wye conversion or vice-versa
  • Capacitor/Inductor Energy Stored Calculator
    Calculate the energy stored in a capacitor or inductor or the capacitor/inductor value for a given voltage and energy
  • Impedance Calculator
    Calculates impedance or component resistance/reactance for series or parallel circuits
  • Morse Code Encoder
    Enter a string of text and HEAR it in morse code
  • R/C/I Calculator
    Calculate series or parallel resistance, capacitance or inductance for an arbitrary number of components
  • Reactance Calculator
    Calculate reactance or the component frequency/inductance/capacitance for inductive or capacitive circuits
  • Resistor Color Code
    A colorful tool to determine the resistance of a resistor
  • Resonance Calculator
    A tool to calculate inductance, capacitance or frequency of a resonant circuit
  • Three-Phase Connections
    A useful tool for determining primary/secondary voltage and/or turns ratio when connecting Delta and Wye power circuits with diagrams
  • 7400-Series Logic Chip Reference
    Pinout, function and descriptions for many of the most common 7400-series logic chips
  • Basic Op-Amp Circuits
    A reference showing diagrams and important formulas for the basic op-amp circuit configurations
  • Citizens Band Freqencies
    A reference chart showing the frequencies and tolerances for the citizens bands
  • Common Connectors
    A reference containing many of the most common connectors encountered in computer and electronis with diagrams
  • Copper Wire Characteristics
    Important data for copper wires
  • Dialectric Constants
    Lists many different materials and their dialectric properties
  • K Factors For Attenuator Loss
    A useful reference table when designing attenuator circuits
  • Metal/Alloy Resistances
    Many common elements and compounds and their resistance characteristics
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum
    An always handy chart of the major bands of the radio frequency spectrum ncluding the frequency range and classification
  • Schematic Symbols
    A list of the most commonly encountered schematic symbols, diagrammed and described
  • TV Channels
    Lists frequency information for the UHF channels

7400-Series Logic Chip Reference Selection Screen:   7400-Series Logic Chip Reference Pinout Screen:
7400-Series Logic Chip Function Table Screen:   Citizens Band Frequencies Reference:
Common Connectors Reference:   Copper Wire Characteristics:
DC Ohm's Law Calculator:   Delta <-> Wye Transformations:
Dialectric Constants Reference:   Capacitor/Inductor Energy Stored Calculator:
Electro's Help System:   Impedance Calculator:
K Factors For Attenuator Design:   Morse Code Encoder:
Basic Op-Amp Circuits:   R/C/I Calculator:
Reactance Calculator:   Metal/Alloy Resistances Table:
Resistor Color Code:   Resonance Calculator:
Schematic Symbols Reference:   Three-Phase Power Connections Calculator:
TV Channels Reference:   Electro's Splash Screen:
Electro's Title Screen:   Electro's About Screen:

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