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Invasion: Trivia
Trivia, with a very sick twist!


Click here to download the free question editor.

Click here to view a Macromedia Flash movie introducing you to your alien antagonists: Krelmac & Gentoo.

The story so far...

Well, most of us figured we weren't alone in the universe, and now we know for sure. Man, ignorance truly WAS bliss...

The aliens have landed, and they're not E.T. Actually, they're more like Rodney Dangerfield... regular little wise-asses! They have a sense of humor, it's just that they're punchlines usually end in the destruction of a planet!

This is the deal: these two annoying adolescent little aliens named Krelmac and Gentoo, members of the Ramalan species, go around the universe meeting other races and challenging them to a little game... a game of trivia.

Don't worry, they take a look at the target race and create the questions from that, so you won't have to answer questions on the mating habits of the Altarian Bolga Beetle at least!

Sounds like fun, right? Here's the catch: they pick one person to play the game, (you, in case you weren't sure!) and for each question you get wrong, they blow up a city on your home planet.

If you get too many wrong, they just blow away the whole planet (ahem... EARTH!!).

Certainly ruins an other wise good day, huh??

You will be given a series of questions, each with a different point level associated with it. Answer the question right and you move on. Get it wrong, and a city bites the dust! Get to the last question and answer it right and you win. Get too many wrong, Earth buys the farm!

Invasion: Trivia features:
  • Dark, quirky humor throughout with your favorite quasi-evil aliens, Krelmac and Gentoo.
  • Colorful hand-drawn cartoon-style graphics.
  • Cut scenes galore! Enjoy (if you can) the wise-ass remarks of your antagonists... Thrill to the destruction of eight different famous cities around the world (you sicko!)... 25 different cut scenes await you! Watch the world buy it if you do badly, get back-handed compliments from the 'boys' if you do good.
  • Whimsical sound effects throughout to delight your auditory senses.
  • Six characters to choose from to represent you during the game.
  • 1,000 challenging trivia questions built-in.
  • The ability to load and create your own question packs to share with your friends, or a bunch of strangers, we don't care.
  • Ten different fonts to choose from. Don't like the computerized look? Go with old english, or bold, or just a plain-old boring serif.
  • High scores recorded for each difficulty level. Speaking of which...
  • Three different difficulty levels to play to really challenge you.
  • Four Zumbugwas to use. That probably needs some explaining... A Zumbugwa on the Ramalan home planet is a small creature that somehow always manages to live through anything. Drop an anvil on it, it somehow manages to survive. Put it in a sealed box and set the box on fire, the Zumbugwa will paradoxically be there, alive and well, after the fire goes out. Pure, inexplicable luck, but it works for the Zumbugwas! Zumbugwas help you answer those especially difficult questions. Probably. Maybe.
Invasion: Trivia takes the classic trivia genre to a whole new place, a place of demented humor, challenging questions and the chance to see famous landmarks, and perhaps even an entire world, blown to bits! What more could you ask for?!?

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